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game sound design demo reel

Implementing audio in Unity and UE4 using C# and FMOD.



Dream Gazer

Dream Gazer is a 2d platformer game I created in a couple of weeks for a Game Jam. The player progresses by solving puzzles and gains new psychic abilities. Lucy wakes up and finds herself in a strange place. By going to sleep and dreaming she is able to unlock psychic powers. In her dreams, Lucy must destroy Psygates to access her psychic powers in reality and use them to explore.


Shroud of the Avatar

From the creators of the Ultima series comes Shroud of the Avatar, a third person fantasy RPG that combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO. The goal with this soundtrack was to create memorable themes and melodies much like old-school games did but with a more modern, orchestral sound. The musical range of this game includes everything from pirate shanties to songs of adventure and exploration to custom tracks specifically created for custom player-built towns.


BattleBards is a company that offers an online library of music soundtracks, soundscapes, and sound effects for tabletop gaming.

Richard Daskas has been one of the cornerstone composers for BattleBards since before we were known as ‘BattleBards’. Richard has scored some of the most amazing BattleBards pieces that you likely have heard many times including the Dwarf Temple - “Stone Father Hymn” Bad Boy favorite:
— BattleBards

Unity Music Packages

Unity is a cross-platform video game engine for developers. I sell licensed music through their online store. You can find my video game music packages here.